Rev M with BibleIt is our pleasure to welcome you to the website of Heidelberg United Church of Christ in Hatfield, Pennsylvania.  The motto of the United Church of Christ (UCC) is “That they may all be one.”  As an ecumenical church, one that hopes to foster Christian unity in our community and throughout the world, we welcome ALL Christian brothers and sisters to join us in fellowship, worship, and service.  We are small in size, but large in the spiritual dynamics that matter most in any local church: faithful service, commitment to Christ, dedicated worship, open and generous fellowship, and the desire to grow in our devotion to and relationship with our Lord.  We are rooted in a rich heritage that continues to feed our faith and nurtures our hope for the future of God’s coming kingdom.

This website provides just a glimpse of who we are.  If you are new to Heidelberg, we hope that what you find here will encourage you to visit with us in person to meet the people and experience the programs behind the pages.