It is our pleasure to welcome you to the website of Heidelberg United Church of Christ in Hatfield, Pennsylvania. This website provides just a glimpse of who we are.  If you are new to Heidelberg, we hope that what you find here will encourage you to visit with us in person to meet the people and experience the programs behind the pages.

Sunday School 9:30 AM
Worship Service: 10:45 AM


Mission Statement:

The mission of Heidelberg UCC is to know our Savior Jesus Christ and to let Him work through us as we reach out in worship, service, and witness to all.

Vision Statement:

As Heidelberg UCC, we hear God calling us to accomplish the vision He has provided through broadening the base of His church’s membership within our own congregation, communicating His gospel more effectively, serving the local community with greater commitment, growing and strengthening in the faith with which God has entrusted us, and, in obedience to His command and call, ministering in those ways that will assure the growth and enrichment of congregational identity and Christian discipleship.


Christmas at Heidelberg


The Christmas Star

     The Christmas Star, also known as the Star of Bethlehem is a great mystery that is over 2000 years old.  Was the star a myth or was it real? If it were real, what caused it to appear to the Magi before the birth of Jesus?  Was it a natural event caused by a comet, a planet, or a nova? Could it have been a supernatural event that God produced to announce the birth of Jesus?  During the 30 minute presentation, Dr. Nicholas Platco explains that the Christmas Star was possibly a series of planetary and stellar conjunctions seen by the Magi. Did God use the movement of the stars and planets that He created to direct and guide the Magi toward Bethlehem? Dr. Platco discusses the astronomical software program called Starry Night that he used to search for real events in the sky that occurred before and during the birth of Jesus. He explains how this program allows the user to “wind the clock backwards” to see a model of the planetary and stellar events that were possibly witnessed by the Magi. In addition to the software program, Dr. Platco also presents compelling evidence for the Christmas Star found in the Bible (Matthew Chapter 2). The Christmas Star presentation by Dr. Platco provides one possible explanation for what the Magi witnessed in the skies of the Middle East leading to the birth of Jesus. What if this explanation is wrong? The program ends by leaving open the possibility that the Christmas Star could have been a supernatural event produced by God to announce the imminent birth of Jesus. Whichever the case, is there any physical and/or historical evidence for the Christmas Star? At the conclusion of the program Dr. Platco invites the audience to enter a portable planetarium set up inside the building. Inside the planetarium he again “winds the clock backwards” to allow the audience to see the night sky as observed by the Magi.  After the planetarium visit, the audience has the opportunity to see up close and personal a Roman coin called the “Star of Bethlehem” coin. The Christmas Star is clearly visible on the reverse side of the coin. Many ancient coin experts have concluded that this coin, minted around AD 11, is proof that the Christmas Star was a real event that announced the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Was the Christmas Star a series of natural planetary and stellar events choreographed by God or a supernatural event created by God? Astronomy has taken this mystery as far as it can go. The final conclusion about the Christmas Star is yours and yours alone!