Veteran’s Day: Heidelberg has many members who are either veterans themselves or have family members who are veterans or active duty. Each year, for Veteran’s Day, we set aside a service to honor the brave men and women who have served or are currently serving.

Thanksgiving Eve: Grace Lutheran and Heidelberg team up each year to hold a service on Thanksgiving Eve. The churches take turns hosting and the service includes music by the combined Grace and Heidelberg choir.

Christmas Cantata: Heidelberg’s choir puts on a special performance of their Christmas Cantata each year. The music changes from year to year. They also perform it in January at Peter Becker, a local retirement community.


Christmas Eve: Each year, Heidelberg holds candlelight Christmas Eve services. There is a hymn sing where the lights are turned down and we sing the carols with just the light of the candles glowing. It is a truly meaningful and special way to start Christmas.


The season of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and lasts for forty days. It is a time for reflection and repentance. It is the way that Christians observe our LORD Jesus’s seclusion into the wilderness for forty days. The season ends on the joyous day of Easter. At Heidelberg U.C.C., we observe this season with several worship services.

Ash Wednesday – This is the first service marking the beginning of Lent. The ashes used for Ash Wednesday traditionally come from the burned palm fronds from the previous year’s Palm Sunday.

Community Lenten Services – Heidelberg participates every year with several other churches in the Hatfield community. The services have pastors from each church; give the sermon at a host church. This shows that even though we come from different denominations, we all have the same Savior in Jesus Christ.

Palm Sunday marks the time when Jesus was heralded on his entrance into Jerusalem. It is celebrated the Sunday before Easter and is the start of Holy Week. At Heidelberg, we remember this with the passing out of palms.

Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday service at Heidelberg UCC

Maundy Thursday service at Heidelberg UCC.

Taize service

Our Maundy Thursday Taize worship follows a community of monks in France dedicated to a monastic way of life. The music is simple and repetitive, giving those participating a way of reaching a place of peace and tranquility through the phrases inviting Jesus’ presence with us. The atmosphere is one of candle light and harmony as we petition God through prayer and song. We share together the bread and cup as we meet the presence of Jesus and recall His last supper with His disciples. This is also a time to gather together with a simple meal of soup and bread. The service ends as we depart in silence.

Good Friday

Tenabrae service

Our Good Friday service will be in the Tenebrae style with scripture, hymns, and the extinguishing of lights, bringing us to darkness and silence at the conclusion. We focus on the suffering of Jesus on the cross, the darkness of the sky and of sin, in order that we may more fully realize and appreciate Christ’s suffering as an atonement for our sins. We walk this lonesome valley with Jesus because He walked it for us.

Easter Sunday is the most joyous time in the Christian calendar. This celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead and his conquering of death and sin. Come join us at Heidelberg to celebrate the Resurrection of our LORD and this most joyous time of year.